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Jenni is a Circulab certified consultant and founded CircleCo to shape a new business paradigm for the Australian economy.

Jenni has over 13 years’ experience in strategic design and delivery, behavioural change, operating models and service design. Jenni has led teams on large transformation projects in Europe and Australia across State & National Governments (Environment, Transport, Service NSW, Education, Defense) and Financial Services (QBE, Westpac, Macquarie).


When she was GM of Customer Experience Design at Telstra, Jenni focused on building human centred design capabilities across organisations to empower leaders and employees with people-centric, systemic and innovative ways of working across all Business Units.

She brings together proven methodologies to assist organisations in responding to consumer changing needs and new business challenges. By building deep empathy with customers, employees and partners and considering social and environmental contexts, she brings a holistic view to solve systemic challenges.

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